2004 Great Lake Pet Stock Association Lawn Show

The Whole Gang

John Sanders, Judge

John Sanders, Judge


With the sun shining, the country air warm and clear, it was the kind of Saturday that invites people outdoors. But you might wonder what would bring a seven-year-old, a dairy farmer, a teacher, a lawyer and a retired politician together on such a day. You might wonder unless you knew they are members of the Great Lakes Pet Stock Association and this was the clubís Lawn Show.

Formed in June 2004, the club wanted to share their interest in poultry, to teach and learn more while at the same time promote the profile of pet stock and support and mentor young people in this field.

John Sanders, a St. Thomas lawyer was invited to judge the Lawn Show. He eagerly shared his expertise, awarding prizes and providing information and tips for all members. Several thought it was one of the best lawn shows they had attended thanks to Johnís outstanding job.

The club members range in age from seven to 86 years and have diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Tyler Danbrook, a young man in the club, currently a student at Ridgeton Agricultural College has spent his life around and raising poultry. His grandparents, Keith and Mary Danbrook from Tillsonburg have been involved in poultry for over 40 years. Keith is a member of the Poultry Hall of Fame.

Ed Thompson started by hatching his first Cochin Buff eggs when he was eight years old. Upon leaving home Ed worked for Bell, moved with the company and when he settled in Barrie he began organizing poultry events. He became involved in community politics, raised a family but always kept chickens. Ed was inducted into the Poultry Hall of Fame in recognition of his years of dedication and contribution to the field. Ed moved back to his family farm near Aylmer in 2000.

Diane, Don, Dennis and Devin Catt live on the original Catt family farm between Aylmer and St. Thomas. For many years Diane worked at the St. Thomas Elgin Hospital before leaving to work full time on the family farm. After meeting Ed and Keith and visiting their farms, she realized her sons had a strong interest in poultry and encouraged them to pursue it. Today, the entire family is involved and Diane is vice-president of the club.

Anne Fleming-Read joined the club to support her 8 year old son Spencer who also has a strong interest in raising poultry. Anne teaches at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, University of Western Ontario and the family lives on a farm near Milton. Spencerís grandfather Gord Fleming, a retired high school principal who was raised on a farm near Ottawa, also attends meetings with Spencer.

Ted Wellhauser loves poultry Ė just look at his e-mail address, ted@fowlman.com. The family lawyer from Conestoga is an enthusiastic pet stock fan and secretary/treasurer of the club.

Don Stephenson grew up with poultry and pets in a rural community. Although today he teaches at the University of Western Ontario, he never lost that love of animals. He is passionate about life and learning so becoming a member of the Great Lakes Pet Stock Association was an easy decision. He also enjoys the camaraderie and sharing the club provides. Don is president of the club.

The members meet once every two months to share and learn. If you would like more information or would like to join them, contact Don Stephenson at 1-888-621-1137.

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