2005 Great Lake Pet Stock Association Lawn Show

Great Lakes Poultry & Pet Stock Association has enjoyed an exciting year!

The Club held their annual lawn show at the residence of Keith and Mary Danbrook.

Don Richardson did an outstanding job judging poultry for this event. Bill Ziehm, Vice President of Cochins International, was a guest but was put into active service at the show. Bill, up from New York State, demonstrated A.I. with some Cochins and judged a Cochin class. Pictured are a number of members, distinguished guests and good friends at the lawn show, as well as Bill Ziehm and Don Richardson with junior club members: (l-r) Devan Mansfield, Spencer Read, Dennis Catt, Devin Catt and Kendal Mansfield. A most enjoyable lawn show - perfect weather, good competition, and a wonderful strawberry social was enjoyed by all.

The Great Lakes Club is very pleased to have doubled its membership this year; we are most excited about the enthusiasm and participation that is demonstrated by members of all ages.

The Whole Gang

Bill and Don with the junior members

The Club also participated in the Harvest Fest weekend held in August at Londonís Fanshawe Pioneer Village. This event demonstrates and celebrates the heritage of rural Ontario. The club presented over 100 heritage birds, showing about 50 different varieties, and was greatly appreciated by many visitors. Shown in the picture is Ted Wellhauser, member of the club from Conestoga with his famous turkey and some club members backing him up. Ted, a lawyer in his day job, shows again that a lawyer and a turkey have no shame! Tedís turkey escaped in the set-up at the show and was spotted the next day at the yacht club in Fanshawe Park. ĎTomí turkey attracted and recruited many campers to visit the display to see Ted and Tom happily reunited.

Ted at Fanshawe Pioneer Village

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